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54EC Bonds

54EC bonds, or capital gains bonds, are one of the most efficient methods for saving long-term capital gain tax. 54EC bonds are specifically implied for investors earning long-term capital gains and would like tax exemption on these gains. Tax deduction is accessible under section 54EC of the Personal Tax Act. 54EC bonds permit no tax exemption on short-term capital gains tax. Put resources into 54EC bonds to get advantages of tax deduction. The maximum limit for putting resources into 54EC bonds is Rs. 50,00,000. The qualified bonds under Section 54EC are REC (Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd), PFC (Power Finance Corporation Ltd) and IRFC (Indian Railroads Finance Corporation Limited).

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54EC bonds offer tax exemption under IT section 54EC. You can buy these bonds in case of receiving a capital gain from selling a property. These bonds have five years lock in period and interest payable yearly at the pace of 5.75 percent.

You can receive tax exemption under IT section 54EC by investing in these bonds.
But the interest that is earned on these bonds is taxed as per the income slab. You should declare capital gain from 54EC bonds under your return documenting since no tax is deducted at the source.

54EC are capital gain bonds, that is utilized to receive the capital gain tax exemption. On the off chance that you have received capital gain from selling a property, you can put resources into these bonds to avoid paying capital gain tax.
Minimum amount to be invested in these bonds is Rs 10,000. These bonds are highly secured with AAA rating.

These are bond for capital gain tax exemption, thus Individual and HUFs can apply. To invest into 54EC bonds, you need to invest within half year of selling the property.

You can apply through your broker like RKFS. The minimum amount to invest is 10,000 and the maximum is Rs 50 lakhs.

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