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About Us

We, at RKFS, offers the best financial services with the aim of always putting the customer first. We are an independent company in the financial consultancy sector, which aims to provide consultancy and asset management services and give the customers a tailor-made service.

Invest to create wealth and protect your future.

In today's world, it is essential to create wealth for ourselves as well as the future generation. We at R K Financial Services Group (RKFS Group) truly believes in creating wealth for present as well as future and our target is to provide the best and Professional solution with personal touch to each and every client.

With over 3.5 decades of experience in the financial sector, we are a one stop shop for all your financial & investment management solutions delivered with the most personalized & professional attitude and transparent & ethical business practices.

Our Solidity

Under the guidance of our MD - Dr. R.K Gupta, a Doctorate in Commerce, a thorough professional and a renowned name in the finance sector, our team represents a skill set that is mutually exclusive. We aim to continuously innovate & reinvent to be in synch with the ever-changing financial world.

Mr Navdeep Varshney who has inherited his father’s skill and is a graduate in Finance is the strong pillar of our organisation. A young entrepreneur who is highly energetic, motivated, passionate and resourceful with willingness to improvise. He is working hard and is determined to make every individual financially secured and follows the ethics given to him by his parents.

Our Strength

Our research team offers financial information, analysis and investment guidance, news & views and is designed to meet the requirements of everyone from a learner to a tech savvy and well-informed investor. It is involved in fundamental, technical, company; sector and economy specific research amalgamated with a strong and well networked marketing team that helps deliver current & up to date market information at your doorstep. Our Vast Network, Sound Research Based Advice, Complete Investment Solutions and Hassle-free Trading & Operational platform is the key to success. The company has grown from strength to strength having a chain of more than 80 offices across the nation.

Our Values

Innovation and pursuit of excellence in Research, Advisory and Investments. Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Openness and Transparency in our conduct and transactions. We recognize, respect and value the diversity within the organization and our customers. Earned Trust, Faith and Belief of more than 100,000 Investors. We value and support our staff, and committed to developing them in order to deliver our vision for policing. Our staff plays a key role in shaping and improving the service delivered by RKFS. Our staff understands 'what' they need to deliver and the 'standards' we expect of them. We have accountability for performance at all levels of the organization. Effective communication network system which share and provide the right information at the right time to our customers. We Respect All, Take Responsibility, Think Positively, Respond Rapidly and Enjoy to Work.

Our services

With our clients, we share the goal of creating and preserving heritage by helping them with our high-quality financial services. It includes:

  • Asset Management
  • Portfolio analysis/Monitoring/Risk Management
  • Consultancy on particular financial problems
Our goal

Our goal is to provide our customers with solutions aligned to their needs, in terms of expected returns, risk tolerance, time horizon and fiscal and legal restrictions.

Through a rigorous investment process, we decide for a portfolio allocation that respects certain variables, such as the liquidity of individual investments and diversification in terms of geographical, sectoral and monetary diversification.

Thanks to stable and robust performance in the markets, and long-term relationships with customers during both stable and volatile market phases, we are proud to be a trusted financial services provider for our customers.

We offer a wide range of investment strategies and deal with classical asset management and consultancy in the field of global financial markets offering a 360 ° personalized service.

By analysing our customer's risk profile and defining an investment strategy, we can help them manage and monitor their portfolio with a wide range of asset classes that allow them to diversify it.

We offer an accurate and highly personalized advice based on the clear and transparent presentation of financial products supported by periodic comments and technical reports, essential to understand and predict the behaviour of the main financial markets.

Our asset allocation and financial services are customized based on your profiles and needs. We create long-term solutions that balance asset conservation with capital appreciation, without ever losing sight of your goals.

Our client-oriented financial services approach is holistic and is based on lasting, productive and trust-based relationships. We care about traditions and we are proud of our history, but we do not fear the modern world and we use the latest innovations to provide cutting-edge services.

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