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Algo trading

Algorithmic buying and selling is a method of executing orders using computerized pre-programmed buying and selling commands accounting for variables which include time, fee, and extent. This form of trading tries to leverage computer systems' velocity and computational sources relative to human investors.

Why Pick RKFS for your investment journey:

  • 35+ years of experience in the Indian Financial industry.
  • Pan India Presence.
  • Research.
  • Portfolio Restructuring.
  • Complete Digital Process.
  • Trading App- Tradium.
  • Mutual Fund app- Sanjhi Poonji.
  • Algo trading.
investment journey
Our focus for our valuable clients

Our focus for our valuable clients:

  • Personalized investment services.
  • Risk calculation.
  • Proper diversification.
  • Monitoring of investment.

Value added services:

  • Dedicated Customer care.
  • 24*7 chat bot NERA.
  • Call and trade.
  • Email Support.
Value added services


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