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Algo trading For everyone.

We pride ourselves on empowering strategy developers with more power. How? by enabling them to offer their robotic quant techniques to traders and investors all over the world. What's best? You will never need to program any code.

What advantages do algorithms for the trading offer?

Greater accuracy

Algo trading also has the significant benefit of minimizing human involvement. This implies that the likelihood of making a mistake is greatly diminished. The algorithms are triple- and double-checked, and human errors have no impact on them.

Trading diversification

Computers and algorithms are both employed in algorithm trading. As a result, carrying out many trades and strategies at once is a fairly straightforward operation.


First, historical data is used to backtest the recently generated algorithms. This helps to assess the viability of the strategy. Based on the backtest results, the strategy may be adjusted and improved to suit the demands of the trader.

Superior speed

Algo trading offers greater speed, which is one of its most significant advantages. The algorithms have the ability can quickly analyze a wide range of traits and technical indicators and execute trades on the fly.

Trade execution at competitive pricing

Large amounts of trade can be carried out very quickly thanks to algorithmic trading. Transaction expenses are reduced and multiple deals are completed simultaneously. Trades are conducted at the best pricing possible with the aid of algorithm tactics, enabling traders to earn substantial gains.

Regularity and discipline

The most difficult aspect of trading, as is widely recognized, is effective planning and design of the trade and trading strategy. Even when traders have created methods, the unpredictability of the markets makes it impossible for them to keep to their plans. Algo trading reduces market volatility by helping traders maintain discipline and consistency despite ups and downs in the market.

Why Do Algorithmic Trading?

In Algo Trading, trades are made according to a set of predetermined rules. Trading instructions are stored in the trading software as algorithms, with variables such as time, volume, and price reference. The computer, on the other hand, executes the deal following the instructions supplied to it. As a result, Algo trading is extremely accurate, well-executed, well-timed, and free of most human mistakes. There are more benefits of Algo trading. Keep reading!

Algorithmic trading: Is it secure?

Algorithmic trading is among the safest types of trading. Human trading is vulnerable to a wide range of factors and runs a significant risk of making costly errors.
Algorithmic trading offers security by putting data into a very powerful computer that uses algorithms to carry out and monitor trades. The safety of algorithmic trading, however, may be viewed differently by distinct traders and investors in a market.
It is generally recommended that traders refrain from expecting to win the lottery before making an investment selection because This technique of trading takes time to learn and acquire expertise.

Generate API Key

Below are the RKFS Partners connected with RKFS APIs.

What exactly is API?

RKFS API is a REST-based advanced trading API that is built to create your own trading and investment platform and integrate it with our trading system. Our REST API allows you to do a lot of things! By utilizing REST APIs you can execute orders instantly, keep track of your holdings and manage your portfolio.
This will provide you with a tailored experience while utilizing your innovative trading features.

We provide two categories of APIs.

API for trading

With the use of trading API, you can integrate your trading system with our trading platform to place orders, track positions, manage portfolios, and much more.

Market Data API

The Market Data API is a hybrid HTTP REST and HTTP streaming API that gives users access to real-time quotations data for a variety of symbols.
Documentation for the Market Data API is available at: https://symphonyfintech.com/xts-market-data-front-end-api-v2/

How do they function?

To generate the API Authentication keys, you must have an open equity trading account with us. If you already have one, creating a developer account will allow you to begin going right away. After logging into the developer account, you may see some access charges for AAPIs


Are these APIs only meant for developers who can code?

Not at All! Any trader with a trading concept can use our REST API and may take the assistance of a third-party coder to create their trading tool and establish a connection to our trading system. Your developer can code the logic in Excel, charting software like Amibroker, NinjaTrader, etc., and programming languages like JAVA, DotNet, Python, C+, etc. Your tool can be connected to our trading system via our REST API.

Can I access Simulation Trading before moving on to Live Trading?

Yes, You can do simulation trading on live feed.

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