Aao milkar banaye sabke ghar roshni aur khushiyon wali Deepawali

On Diwali, people clean their homes, get it painted, buy new clothes, utensils and what not to start the New Year (according to the Hindu Calendar) with almost everything new. Beside this, buying silver and gold is also considered to be auspicious during this time as it is believed that it brings wealth and prosperity.

Two factors to bring prosperity and growth are to balance expenses and investment. Gold is a reliable option for investment in India. Over the years people have been investing their savings in gold. In current scenario Investing in gold digitally is the best option through which you can get better returns.

If you are looking to buy gold from an investment point of view, then it is not necessary to buy only jewellery or gold and silver coins.  Apart from jewellery, there are several other options for making online investments in gold in India, which give higher returns than jewellery and have many other benefits like no pain of storage as they are secured in your demat account.

For example, the best investment bonds in India. A Sovereign Gold Bond is a kind of digital gold, in which you are given a certificate, or they are transferred to your demat account with information like at what rate did you purchase the unit of gold (SGB) and the tranche. At least one gram of gold can be purchased in Sovereign Gold Bond.

So, why not to buy gold in other forms this Diwali? As there are no making charges like jewellery, no cost and pain to store it and additionally it gives an extra benefit of interest of 2.5% per annum.

Backed by the Government of India, SGBs are the most trusted investment option throughout the country. And thanks to them being an electronic based instrument, there is no risk and additional costs associated with their purchase.

Apart from this, there are several other investment instruments like mutual funds, equity, bonds, commodity that you can opt for yourself and your family to make this Diwali “Khushiyon wali”. Take these steps that we suggest to you and within few years, you will have an investment portfolio that will help you earn money from your money. (kyoki paise ko kaam pe lagaiye, aur aap 60 ke baad aaram pe jaiye).

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