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In carrying out activities of daily living, there are certain risks that we face and can occur at any time. When that risk occurs, it is not uncommon for it to have a large enough influence on personal financial stability. For example, the incidence of illness.

When you fall sick and need care and treatment, you need to pay money to access both. The cost may not be large if the pain you are suffering from is mild. But what if it turns out that the disease you are suffering from is quite severe and the cost of treatment exceeds your financial capacity?

Here, your personal financial stability can be shaken. You may even be forced to go into debt in order to pay for medical expenses. The story will be different if you have health insurance.

Insurance can cover the medical expenses you need so that personal financial stability does not need to be shaken too deeply.

Still doubting why insurance is important and you need it? Let’s take a closer look at why having insurance is important for you and from where you can invest it in this extremely beneficial investment instrument.

Insurance first, Investment Later

People’s interest in investing today is increasing when compared to decades ago. Various types of investments, ranging from bonds, and mutual funds to stocks, continued to show an increase both in terms of the number of funds under management and the number of retail investors.

If you are also interested in starting investment for future needs, make sure you have fulfilled your insurance needs first. It is important to prioritize the fulfilment of protection before you start investing.

For example, people who want to swim in strong currents need protection toolssuch as a swim ring so that when the current comes, they can survive. Insurance is a swim ring that helps you reduce the risk of personal financial shocks, including shocks from investment losses.

Insurance is proof of love and responsibility

Everyone would want to give the best to their family. If you are currently married and are the person in charge or the breadwinner of the family, one of your wishes would be to provide financial stability to the people dependent on you, at least until they can live independently.

Well, have you ever thought about how the family you love can remain financially stable if you suddenly pass away?

When the breadwinner dies, the income that has been used to support the family suddenly stops. Here the trick is to insure the income you currently have by turning to Life Insurance Service providers in India to minimize the financial shocks a disease can give you or your family. Buying an insurance policy will support your family when you can’t.

Insurance is not to prevent death but serves to protect a person’s economic value. It is needed to keep life going when there is financial instability or crisis. In this context, insurance means a sign that you are fully responsible for the welfare of your beloved family.

Do you want to buy an insurance policy for your family, home, vehicle, health, or retirement investment plan in India? Get in touch with the team of RKFS, an investment services company that provides all types of insurance under one roof.

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