Be Indian, Buy Indian, and Invest like an Indian

Be Indian, Buy Indian, and invest like an Indian

The phrase “Hindi hai hum watanhai Hindustan hamara” immediately makes us remember the song “Saarejahaan se accha” and get goosebumps as we all have sung this song in our schools and colleges on each Independence Day.

However, with the growing world and increased globalization, we have forgotten the essence of being a patriot. Nowadays, there are several foreign goods present in the market having the capability to satisfy our needs at a much affordable cost. It is of no doubt that Indian products also offer the best products and services but unfortunately not all of them are pocket friendly.

So what? What’s wrong in this? Can’t we make a special move and buy only those products that are made by our brothers (Indians)? Yes, we can and we should. We all should follow the slogan “Be Indian, Buy Indian”.

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By doing so, we will not only promote Indian products but also empower the Indian economy by boosting the sale and purchase of local products in the market.

It’s a great initiative in every manner, we, as an Indian, living in the second most populated country, can easily manage to revive and boost our economy by helping each other and investing only in Indian products.

The Indian products are highly competent and capable enough to stand out in the market, here, we can take the example of the Cosmetic Company, Forest Essentials. You must have heard about its products and their quality. Instead of buying cosmetic products from global brands, you can opt for buying goods from such companies that are reliable and trustworthy.

We all should make a firm decision and go with it and buy only those goods that are offered by the Indian brands and help them become confident and more dedicated towards their customers.

Not only goods, but we can also move towards the services provided by the Indian companies. For example, life insurance services. We all remember how devastating that time was when our country reported a huge no. of cases affected by COVID-19. It was truly very shocking as many of us have lost our close relatives, friends, and even family members.

After experiencing such drastic situations, everyone was suffering from financial instability. In such conditions, only one thing can come to the rescue- an Insurance plan. So, in uncertain times like these, one should buy an Insurance Policy/Plan as offered by Indian life insurance service providers. As, you will not only save yourself from the trouble but also help these Indian companies grow at a high pace, and in turn, help our country become stronger.

It is for sure that when searching for a product or service you desire to have, you will definitely find some of the best goods and services by Indian entrepreneurs as despite having a vast economy of more than 1.3 billion people Indian products still have a lot to offer to every person out there, no matter what taste or preference an individual has.

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