Christmas With Investment & Insurance

Christmas With Investment & Insurance

If you look at the calendar with some optimism, Christmas is already around the corner. But it is also an extra year that pushes our young people towards their future. Whether this is brilliant will not only depend on them, but also on the effort that we will be able to make today and that one day it will help children and young people to realize their dreams.

A far-sighted reinterpretation of this Christmas can mark the beginning of a path that tomorrow will help to guarantee them the necessary economic conditions to build a better future, a Christmas alternative within everyone’s reach: parents, grandparents, uncles and anyone who cares about the future of their own children.

The importance of betting on the future

Every family dreams of being well prepared to finance the studies of their children and the goal of educating them is undoubtedly a dream for which parents and grandparents are happy to make financial resources available.

But the crisis of recent years has put families to the test and there are cases in which the family cannot do it.

In fact, one of the heaviest burdens on the students is precisely the economic one. The education fees, the cost of books and off-site life, the lack of one’s own income, imposes financial sacrifices on the student and generally on his entire family, and in many cases puts at risk the very possibility of continuing his studies.

Helping young people to make their dreams come true

Even those who do not have similar aspirations, perhaps because they are inclined to manual or artisanal work, will be happy to have a little treasure they can count on as a starting point for setting up a business, buying a house or starting a family.

These aspirations can only become reality if the parents or relatives of a child choose to invest their money right from the start.

So, there is no need to wait for Christmas to start investing in our children’s future. It is never too early to start thinking about their well-being. Sure, making investment in a fixed deposit is not a sparkling package to unwrap under the tree, but it can be the key to opening up many prospects for life.

Besides, there are also several other child investment plans in India that you can opt for. Following are some of the best from which you can choose to invest your money for the betterment of your child’s future:

Of course, investing is a risk, but money should not just lie there, it should be profitable. To ensure this, it is important that you take help of best financial advisors in India.

Another exceptional investment option that will work for you and your child is life insurance. If you invest in a life insurance policy and add a beneficiary to it as well, concretely, the value of your life insurance will be transferred to that beneficiary, be it your wife or children or any other person.

You have complete freedom as to the choice of your beneficiaries: you can name your heirs or, on the contrary, favor someone else. It may be one (or more) natural or legal person, such as, among others:

  • Your spouse;
  • Your children;
  • A third-party ;
  • An association.

You can change the beneficiary at any time, unless the latter has accepted the benefit of your contract in accordance with legal formalities.  If you do not designate anyone, the standard clause will apply to your spouse, and failing that your children, born or unborn.

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