Make your child an FFR (Financially Future-Ready)

There are lovely stories that your child asks you for, night after night. They reassure him, soothe him. There are others that do not come out of a book but of your thoughts, and which you keep for yourself. Your most precious dream: that your little one lacks nothing. What if preparing financially for your child’s future started now?

To ensure the future of your children, you can set aside a sum of money each month and invest it in the right investment instruments to ensure that your child is FFR. And here, the amount of savings doesn’t have to be big. Depending on your savings possibilities, you have several solutions. Before making your choice, ask yourself several questions:

  • Do you need money to be available quickly?
  • Are you investing for the long term?
  • Are you ready to take risks?

Depending on your answers, you will be able to choose the instrument that suits you best. Life insurance can respond to this desire to prepare for your child’s future. It is a malleable investment that adapts to any profile and the level of risk investors wish to take.

Investment in itself is an important process of planning and securing the future. In order to live comfortably in the future and to overcome today’s difficult conditions by making investments, we embark on many investment paths.

Likewise, the way to offer a comfortable life for ourselves and our loved ones actually goes through investment. Think about it, the things you don’t keep and spend today become more valuable after a while and return to us as profit exponentially.

So, what kind of investments are you making for the future of your children? More precisely, what are you planning to take care of your children’s future and promise them a comfortable life where they can be happy? We have some great ideas for you. In line with these suggestions, you can learn what kind of investments you can make for your children.


Since you are going to invest for your child’s future, it is clear that the investment will be made for a long-term period. Investing in equities in long run often gives remarkable returns, but the condition is, you opt for diversification as well.

It is not guaranteed that investing all your capital in a particular will give you high returns, but on the contrary, it can make you lose it completely. So, before starting going on this journey, we advise you to turn to the team of RKFS for equity investment advisory services so that you can have a portfolio that meets your child’s future needs.


Generally, it is said that SIP is one of the best ways to invest in mutual funds online in India one can ever choose. Along with its compounding benefit, SIP allows you to gradually build up your savings, all thanks to its feature of making monthly investments in the plan.

Insurance Plans

It would not be appropriate to end the list without mentioning an option that is meant to protect you/your loved ones from facing financial problems in an unforeseen event as well as ensure a secure future for them.

Child insurance plans are considered to be the most popular option for securing your child’s future and making him financially future-ready. It is worth taking into account this alternative when investing for your loved ones.

Do you want to put your savings to work? Have you always wondered how to make investments correctly? Or are you afraid that no one will be there for your child after you are gone? Visit today and get answers to all your questions about investing.

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