Navratri – 10 Mutual Fund Investment lessons on the auspicious occasion of Navratri

A smart investment is when you do not evaluate guarantees, but, choose the mechanism or investment product that will help you earn money from your money. This is about not buying Tesla shares only because Elon Musk is handsome, everyone is talking about him and he promises to make a breakthrough.

But it is about not choosing an investment product on impulse, and thoughtfullyassessingthe investments right for you. Here are some lessons that you should consider when investing in mutual funds.

  1. Start early

“Early bird gets the worm”, we all have heard this phrase and know its meaning. This saying applies very well to the world of investing as if you want to become successful you should start investing as early as possible.

One should definitely start saving as soon as possible, no matter how small the contribution because compound interest is a very powerful force.

  • Invest regularly

It is always good to be regular and moderate in making investments. Instead of choosing the lump sum option, go for a SIP/regular payment plan as per your capacity.

  • Increase your SIP every year by a minimum of 10%

The point is to save and increase your savings with the passage of time. Increasing the percentage of your savings per year can do wonders. The magic of compounding will turn your little bag of savings into a sack.

  • Monitor your investment, but don’t over monitor

According to the Best Mutual Fund Investment Plans in India, with long-term investments, it makes no sense to look at stock prices every day: they change many times a day, and you cannot influence this. At the same time, for long-term investments, such fluctuations are just noise.

  • Don’t panic in correction because you will be allotted more units

The main thing in investing is that the decision is thoughtful, consistent with your investment strategy and helps you grow rich. As for the habit of looking into the portfolio daily, this is necessary for traders and rather harmful for investors.

If price fluctuations provoke you to try to guess where prices will go, and you start trading actively, then this can be dangerous for your capital. The more transactions an investor makes, the worse the results. So, it is suggested that you don’t panic during stock market correction and remain calm.

  • It’s like buying in a sale. Buy 2 get 1 free

Since SIPs are based on the rupee cost averaging principle, when prices go down, the investor is allotted more units! Hence, if you own 2 units, they can become 3 or 4 or even more at the time of correction.

  • Always invest in growth option

Make a smart move, start Investment Panning today, choose the growth option in your mutual funds investment plan, and watch compounding working your favor.

  • Stay loyal to your fund

Don’t be misguided with greed and invest in a fund that is appropriate for your financial goals and stay loyal to get the best out of it.

  • Don’t miss your SIP

Being careless once can become your habit in no time. Consistency is the key to success as well as greater returns.

  1. Don’t redeem if not required

It is best to allow your money to be accumulated and then redeem it as the bigger your investment amount the more returns you earn.

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