Powerful Women = Stronger nation #Grow with India

First of all, a very happy women’s day to all the powerful women. 

Powerful women = stronger nation . 

Empowering women is vital for India’s ambition of becoming a global economic superpower. Despite this, Indian women face difficulties whenever they try to be financially independent. 

One of the factors is a nationwide lack of financial education and awareness about the value of early investments. 

At RKFS, we believe that financial independence is the most powerful gift a woman can gift to herself. It can lead her to reach greater heights, achieve bigger goals, and have a strong, secure life. 

Thus, we strive to raise awareness about the need for financial independence and provide a variety of investment options, such as insurance, mutual funds, gold bonds, and others to assist women in achieving financial independence. 

Nothing makes us more proud than helping an Indian woman becoming financially independent. 

At this Women’s Day, RKFS started an initiative – Refer and earn with RKFS Women Preneur Program to be financially independent and to have a safe and secured future. 

For more info, contact us at 011-48564444 or email us at info@rkfs.org

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