Protect Your Family With Life Insurance

Protect Your Family With Life Insurance

Life insurance provides financial security in return for a certain premium by protecting you and your family against unexpected situations. In life insurances, in cases such as loss of life, disability, dangerous diseases, unemployment, the insured or his legal heirs are paid at the rate determined in the policy.

These are insurances that provide financial security by protecting you and your family against the risk of loss of life.

The life insurance services allow you to accumulate savings over the long term, prepare for retirement or to finance personal projects. But this placement is also an excellent solution to protect some of your loved ones from want.

Protect your loved ones with life insurance

If you are saving for yourself, you can also choose to save to protect or promote those you care about. Choose who will receive the savings of your life, protect your loved ones or your family, prevent them from paying the costs following your death, and organize the transmission during your lifetime.

Life insurance has many advantages: modularity, taxation, availability of savings. When it comes to saving with the aim of protecting loved ones, taking care of those who are dear to you assuring them a capital in case of need, life insurance has other advantages.

Protect your spouse

In the event of the death of the contract holder, life insurance is an excellent way to preserve the situation of his spouse. In the first place, the spouse, if he has been designated as beneficiary of the life insurance, will not have to settle any inheritance tax.

Another advantage, even more notable in life insurance is that the sums due to the beneficiary of the contract do not form part of the estate of the deceased insured. Consequently, they will not be shared between the heirs.

Choosing life insurance services in India for the benefit of your spouse allows you to allocate a share of the inheritance greater than that which is legally due in your estate. A solution often implemented in the presence of a less fortunate spouse or a blended family.

Protect a fragile person

Taking out a family life insurance policy with life insurance services providers is the best way to protect your loved ones, especially if they are vulnerable.

The life insurance contract perfectly meets this objective. It allows you to protect a member of your family with a disability from need. The operation of this type of contract is simple.

The subscriber pays contributions for the benefit of a third party, in this case a child or brother with a disability. At the end of the contract, or on the death of the subscriber, the beneficiary receives a largely tax-exempt capital or a life annuity, less subject to tax as the beneficiary advances in age.

Helping your grandchildren

Protecting your family also means thinking about the future of your grandchildren. Again, life insurance is a great way to give them a better chance in life.

If your grandson is still a child, he will not need money immediately, the best is then to invest these sums in a life insurance contract with the help of life insurance service providers in India. Placed in this way, these sums will have a better return than certain regulated savings accounts.

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