Sanjhi Poonji App- A Modern Wealth Management Option For You!

Sanjhi Poonji App- A Modern Wealth Management Option For You!

It doesn’t matter if you are self-employed or a salaried person, earning and saving money is difficult for all of us. With the ever increasing expenses, saving and investing is becoming important and chosen by those who know the value of money and the effect of inflation on it.

By taking help of right professionals and using necessary tools, you can also start investing and getting returns on your savings. But even if you have a good broker who offers you the best services, Sanjhi Poonji App is important for every investor especially for those who are new in the world of investment.

The Sanjhi Poonji App serves as a complementary tool to the investors as it offers wonderful benefits and has unique features allowing you to know more about the available investment instruments and opportunities in real time.

By using Sanjhi Poonji App, you will be able to know where you stand as an investor and what is needed to be done in future to manage your investments in the best manner.

Sanjhi Poonji App is one of the Best Mutual Funds India investment app through which you can easily gain access and get the real time update about your investments, be it in the form of assets, FDs, investment in gold bonds in India, Shares and any other investment instrument.

To login in to app, you will have to enter your login details. The best part of using Sanjhi Poonji App is that this app offers both the mobile and web version to its users.

Your each and every profile will be shown under one roof in this app making it easier for you to track your investments.

Your entire portfolio will be available in front of you whenever you want, all thanks to Sanjhi Poonji App. As investors what more do we desire? So, it can be said that Sanjhi Poonji App is the best solution to each and every need of the investor who knows how important is managing your finances at time.

With the help of Sanjhi Poonji App, you can monitor your investments and keep control of everything. You can also prevent incurring losses by disinvesting at the right time.

You will also be able to view a pie chart of the investments made by you giving you a brief and easy understanding of your position as an investor. The desktop of Sanjhi Poonji App will provide you with the purchase value and current value of your investment.

The Sanjhi Poonji App will also show you how much profit or loss you have incurred on your investments. Just with a single click, you will be able to get a portfolio summary, dividend report, allocation analysis, and portfolio valuation.

Sometimes, it gets a little difficult for an investor to manage his/her investment and this is where Sanjhi Poonji App steps in. This app has an easy-to-use interface offering its users a great level of assistance and ease to monitor their investments.

If you are also one of those who don’t know how to classify and manage the investments, Sanjhi Poonji App can offer you the right set of tools with its intelligent and helpful features.

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