The Functions Of A Financial Advisor And Benefits Of Working With Them

If we present it in the form of a short diagram, then the work of a financial advisor with a client looks like this:

The consultant, together with the client, determines what the client’s goals are. How much money resources are required, and by what time frame to achieve them. Everything is expressed in concrete figures, planning is an exact science.

Based on the client’s current situation, his sources of income, various personal circumstances, the client’s willingness to take risks and wait, the consultant draws up an individual plan for him, which will show how the client can pay for the achievement of his goals.

Moreover, this plan is unique, and it is developed for this particular client. And even if suddenly another client has exactly the same goals, this plan will be completely unsuitable for him.

After all, his personal circumstances, attitude to risks, and many other initial data will be completely different, and therefore he needs to develop his own plan. That is, drawing up a plan is a piece work, like tailoring a dress to order.

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The consultant gives the client his plan, as well as a description of it. Moreover, the description is detailed, painted down to the smallest steps: for example, it is even indicated at what address the bank in which an account should be opened.

The client only has to follow this plan and follow the steps prescribed in it. At the same time, the consultant also tries to save the client’s time, and in order to implement the plan, the client, as a rule, will need to do literally 3-4 simple steps during the year.

Financial advice allows:

  • Greater efficiency;
  • To reduce the risk of financial products;
  • A significant cost saving

For example: The client wants to invest 10,000 USD. Perhaps this client even has his own options for the proposed investment. If, before using the money, the client discusses the situation with the consultant, then he can get a lot of useful and interesting information.

He can receive confirmation from a consultant that he has made the right choice. Or vice versa, what seemed so attractive and reliable, from the point of view of a professional, turns out to be very risky.

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And the consultant in this case will explain to the client what exactly makes him doubt reliability. Or the client will simply receive recommendations on how, based on personal circumstances, it is better for him to dispose of this amount. You can also consult estate planning advisory services in Delhi, if you want to invest in the estate sector.

And even if the consultant does not have a ready-made answer, he is always ready to find information, analyze it, and provide the results of such an analysis to the client.

The cost of this service for a specific client depends on the complexity of the tasks solved by the consultant. However, we recommend you to turn to the experts of RKFS and get the best Personalized Portfolio Advisory Service.

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