Why All Major Mutual Funds Companies Coming Up With Funds That Invest In The US Market?

In 2020, the negative impact of COVID-19 forced Indian share market to go down. The value of Nifty 50 index started to fall in the month of March and this clearly shows that all the investors had faced great losses.

Even the mutual fund investors were a part of this, however, only the US stock market and mutual funds didn’t tremble and gave a solid returns to its investors, this is the reason behind the fact that our domestic mutual fund companies are nowadays majorly offering US based/focused mutual funds is this.

The growth of US economy made all this possible and this is why US based funds outperformed several equity and mutual fund schemes.

At this point, many small savers who would like to diversify their portfolios by holding US stocks are wondering what the easiest way to access this market is. However, it turns out that the simplest method is almost always the most profitable, at least from a long-term perspective: it involves investment in mutual funds India.

Mutual funds are one of the suitable investment alternatives for investors who do not have much time and expertise to calculate the risk of investment. Below, we have listed some of the main benefits that you can get by making an investment in mutual funds.


The main advantage of investing in best performing mutual funds is asset diversification. This will help investors to reduce the impact of market fluctuations and minimize losses on their investment portfolio. Another advantage of Online Mutual Fund Investment is that they diversify and allocate assets instantly without having to spend a lot of money.

Ease of buying shares

Not a few investors who cannot buy shares with the money they have, especially after deducting commissions. However, with Best Mutual Funds India, investors can buy stocks in smaller denominations. This will help investors make periodic investments through a monthly systematic investment plan. Therefore, investors no longer need to wait until they have a lot of money to own shares of a company.


Another advantage of Online Mutual Fund Investment is the ability to enter and exit without difficulty. Investors can sell their mutual funds in a short time without having to think about the difference between the selling price and the prevailing market value when transacting.

Affordable cost

Mutual funds leverage collective power to lower costs and maximize profits. For example, when you buy one apple, the cost will be lower when a dozen apples are bought at the same time. This also occurs in the buying and selling of securities. In the activity of buying and selling securities, a large number of transactions will help reduce transaction costs.

Professional Skills

Investment activities require financial skills. Consistency in conducting market studies across various industries and companies is an integral part of investing. To be successful in investing, you need a professional to manage your portfolio money. The best financial advisors in India of RKFS have the necessary skills which gives them knowledge about the investment world.

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