Why IPO Rain in India?

From the beginning of 2021, around 36 companies have issued their IPOs. This figure is more than the no. of IPOs issued last year in the market.

If you are one of those who read news on a daily basis, you must have seen the word “IPO” in the news in the last few days. It is sure that you must have also heard about how investors are profiting a lot through the trading or investing of shares. But, along with this, you may want to know how you can make an investment in the share market without any unnecessary expense and what companies you should put in your checklist.

Experts say when there is an atmosphere of stability in the market, then there is a flood of IPOs. The Indian capital market has also reached record levels after the pandemic and the investment climate is still there. This is the reason why IPOs are coming in the market one after the other.

Before buying an IPO, the investor should see which sector the company is associated with and what is the working environment.

As the momentum of offering IPO (Initial Public Offer) is increasing with each passing day, it can be expected that very soon, the companies issuing IPOs will attract a lot of investors.

Since the start of the year 2021, there is a continuous movement in the IPO market. As we mentioned before, so far this year many companies have listed themselves on the stock exchanges.

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You can invest directly in IPO at your own level, for which you need to have a demat account. It can be invested through a broker. We suggest you to consult the team of RKFS to open a demat and trading account and start investing in IPOs as early as possible to not lose the race in investing.

Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd., Paytm, and Nykaa, Nuvoco Vistas, CarTrade, ChemplastSanmar, Aptus Housing Finance, Devyani International Ltd., Windlas Biotech have issued their IPOs recently.

And the companies Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited, Fincare Small Finance Bank, Shriram Properties, Studds Accessories Limited, Utkarsh Small Finance Bank are planning to issue their shares for the first time in the market very soon.

It is important for investors to seize these type of opportunities to get the most out of share market and their savings.

This trend of raining IPOs is not only limited to India but many companies around the world are also doing the same. Investors, now, have a lot of opportunities for making their investment as per their preferences and needs.

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“By investing in IPO, you invest in the foundation of a company and follow it till it reaches the peak”- RKFS

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