Why One Should Get Life Insurance?

Taking out a life insurance policy as early as possible allows you to anticipate your savings and give them time to grow, to gradually build up capital. Life insurance has many advantages to help you achieve your plans, prepare for retirement or pass on financial wealth.

What Is The Benefit Of Getting Life Insurance To Prepare For Retirement?

Life insurance is ideal for preparing for retirement:

You can fund it at your own pace, depending on your savings capacity, through regular or one-off payments.

The release of your capital can be in the form of regular income or piecemeal, depending on your needs.

In the event of death, the capital of the life insurance is transferable out of inheritance and the payment of the annuity can be transferred to the spouse.

With a view to building up a supplementary pension, it is recommended to choose a multi-support life insurance service, in order to hope for better performance and make your savings grow. It all depends on your investment horizon as well as the degree of risk you are prepared to take in the financial markets.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from the experts of RKFS to determine the profile best suited to your situation and your savings plan.

Financial optimization, flexible management, exceptional tax regime. Life insurance is an excellent tool for preparing for succession. A choice in perfect harmony with your situation and your needs:

  • Capital always available and at any time
  • Unparalleled flexibility
  • The payment of your savings at your convenience
  • Free choice on beneficiaries
  • Possibility of accessing financial markets and benefiting from its performance
  • Advantageous taxation

Often presented as a solution to pass on one’s assets, life insurance can also be used to carry out many other projects. Discover the advantages of life insurance and the projects it can help you achieve.

Save: a life insurance contract is both an investment and savings medium. By placing your capital in a fund, you can indeed grow your savings on a secure medium and at a generally more advantageous rate than with a bank savings solution.

Invest: the functioning of a life insurance also allows you to invest your savings in units of account. Although there is a risk of capital loss borne by the saver, this choice allows you to capitalize on the evolution of the markets. The goal? Benefit from a greater return potential in order to generate a greater capital gain.

Financing various projects: real estate purchase, purchase of a car or a boat, works, trips, life insurance can also be used to finance – partially or fully – a wide range of projects. For this, you just need to buy back your life insurance contract from insurance service office in order to finance your various desires.

Prepare for retirement: such a contract can also be a way of preparing for the end of your professional career. Once you retire, you can choose to buy back part or all of your contract, allowing you to supplement the amount of your pension. There are also life insurance contracts specially designed to prepare for retirement.

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