Why should you buy personal health insurance even if you are covered by the employer?

Why should you buy personal health insurance even if you are covered by the employer?

A lot of people, especially employees of a company, think that being a member of a group health insurance plan provided by the company frees them from financial emergencies that may come in the future. But only a few know the truth. For this reason, we are going to explain the importance of buying a separate health insurance plan through a story.

While retiring, Avinash loved going to his company for the last time and was also scared. It was finally time to leave the office he had joined at the age of 25. After enjoying a nice retirement party at his office, he came home in the evening with a heavy heart with the thought that he would not have to go to the office the next day.

At night, he felt a little restless and his family immediately took him to the hospital, where after various tests were done by the doctors, he came to know about the blockage of the heart artery and had to be operated on immediately.

Thus, suddenly he had to spend 5 lakh rupees for his sudden hospitalization. Along with this, he came to know another reality that now he neither has the cover of group health insurance nor does he have a separate medical insurance policy.

It is very sad that this situation is more or less commonly seen in every household today. Most of us do not buy a health insurance policy simply because we already have the company’s corporate insurance coverage.

Some people also think that they are completely healthy, so forgetting that the cost of protecting health is increasing day by day, they do not think it necessary to spend on health insurance.

It can also be said officially that most of the policies of corporate offices give protection based on the age of the employee and his salary scale. This too either reduces or ends when the employee retires.

With respect to corporate health insurance coverage, you are not guaranteed that the new employer will give you the same old health insurance coverage if you also leave or change that job.

That is why it is advised that you must take a separate medical insurance plan for yourself which not only gives you health coverage at the time of your job but also continues to give you the same type of health coverage even after retirement. With this, you will not need to make any holes in your savings account when needed.

Buying a family health insurance policy though may seem to be a difficult step but still, it is very important to take this step to protect the health of yourself and your loved ones.

Therefore, it may be wise to go for a comprehensive health insurance plan without relying solely on group medical insurance. It doesn’t matter whether you buy health insurance for individuals or a senior health insurance plan for parents, it is wise to take the protection appropriately considering your needs and priorities before any contingencies arise. After all, it is a matter of your health, you cannot take any risk in this regard!

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