Why top Up Sip is Better than Normal Sip??

“Boost the Energy of your MUTUAL FUND Investment with Sip Top Up facility”.

Difference Between Top-Up SIP and Normal SIP

Introduction to Mutual funds:

Mutual funds are investment vehicles that pool money from multiple investors and invest it in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other securities. Professional fund managers manage them and offer a convenient way for individuals to access a diversified investment portfolio.

Ways to Invest in Mutual funds:

Investors can invest in mutual funds in a lump sum or systematic investment plans (SIPs). In a lump sum investment, an amount is invested in one go. On the other hand, SIPs allow investors to invest a fixed amount regularly at predetermined intervals, promoting discipline and long-term wealth creation.
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What is Top-Up SIP?

The Top-Up SIP facility is an additional feature offered by some mutual fund houses to enhance the potential returns of SIP investments. It allows investors to increase their regular SIP investments by a fixed amount or a certain percentage at specific intervals.

With the Top-Up SIP facility, investors can gradually amplify their investment amount over time without needing additional paperwork or setting up a new SIP. This feature is designed to allow investors to boost their mutual fund investments and take advantage of compounding and rupee-cost averaging.
For example, an investor has set up a SIP of ₹5,000 per month in a particular mutual fund. With the Top-Up SIP facility, the investor can choose to increase the investment amount by, let’s say, ₹1000 per year. So, in the second year, the SIP investment will be ₹6,000 per month; in the third year, it will be ₹7000 per month, and so on.

The Top-Up SIP facility allows investors to gradually increase their investment amount per their financial goals, cash flow, and risk appetite. It allows them to accelerate wealth creation and maximize the benefits of systematic investing in mutual funds over the long term.

Top-Up SIP offers several advantages over a normal SIP:

1.Increased investment potential:

Top-Up allows investors to increase their investment amount gradually. This enables them to use compounding and earn higher returns than a fixed SIP amount.

2.Flexibility and convenience:

With Top-Up SIP, investors can choose the amount or percentage they want to increase their SIP investments. It eliminates the need for additional paperwork or opening new SIP accounts.

3.Rupee-cost averaging advantage:

Top-Up SIP investors can benefit from rupee-cost averaging by increasing the investment amount periodically. Investors are allotted more units when the price is lower and fewer when prices are higher, potentially reducing the average cost per unit over the long term.

4.Increase with an increase of Income:

Over time, as the income of an individual increases, they can predetermine the same and make sure to increase the savings accordingly by opting for Top-Up SIP. The expense also increases when one gets married and plans to have kids. Top Up SIP ensures that one saves more with an increase in income and creates more wealth for the future to meet the expense of the future.

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Difference between Normal SIP and Top-Up SIP:

The main difference between a normal SIP and a Top-Up SIP lies in the provision to increase the investment amount over time. In a normal SIP, the investment amount remains constant throughout the investment tenure. However, in a Top-Up SIP, investors can periodically increase their investment by a fixed amount or a certain percentage, usually annually.

Benefits of Top-Up SIP to Create Wealth:

1.Accelerated wealth creation: The ability to increase investment amounts over time can lead to accelerated wealth creation through the power of compounding.
2.Customization: Top-Up SIP offers the flexibility to customize the investment amount based on an investor’s financial goals, risk appetite, and cash flow.
3.Mitigating inflation: By increasing investments periodically, investors can keep up with inflation and maintain the purchasing power of their investments.


long-term perspective and staying invested are key principles to remember when investing in mutual funds. By carefully selecting mutual funds that align with your investment objectives, it is very important to diversify the portfolio carefully as it is not recommended to put all the investment in one you can build a robust portfolio which will generate significant returns over time. Investing involves risks, and making informed decisions based on your financial circumstances and goals is essential. Kindly note that all the funds are selected based of the past year performance and does not guarantee future returns. We suggest you have thorough research before selecting and investing in mutual funds schemes. Mutual fund investment is subject to market risk, kindly read all offer documents properly before investing.

Kindly note above write is for knowledge purpose only and not a recommendation to invest in above given mutual fund schemes. We are not responsible for any loss incurred by investment in any of the above mutual fund schemes.

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