Why Women Need To Be Financially Secured?

Few decades back  when anyone thought about an Indian women all they had in mind was a perfect wife and the most loving and caring mother who was covering all her duty with upmost devotion towards the family and was ready to leave each and everything for the sake of the family. Though there were few to break the protocol or had family support to be financially independent also and were balancing each and every aspect of their duties with a perfection. But when we talk about an Indian women in the present , Indian women are present everywhere, let it be the moon, sea , space or any other stream.

When we talk about the ace film actress of her time Honorable Mrs. Jaya Bachchan she left the film industry on the peak of her career after she had her kids but in the same family the most stunning and beautiful Mrs. Aishwarya Rai  Bachchan is managing her family and career parallel with perfection as todays women wants to be independent and have her own identity and know how to give the best of her time to the family also.

Today females need to understand the importance of being financially independent and to understand how the basic things are done like the GST, tax deduction , ITR, savings , investing, tax benefit and all.  Even the honorable Supreme Court of India has given equal right to daughters in the ancestral wealth though most of the Indian daughters don’t want anything from it but it is high time for us to understand that all we need to do is not just kitchen and family and our free time is not just for shopping and kitty parties.

We don’t need to take permission from anyone to start to work or trying to be financially independent with that capabilities that we have. If we know how to make a perfect dessert and can earn from that and are happy to do so, we have all the right in the world to do so. All we have to see is that the kids are never neglected and we balance the life well , initially few of the family members have problems but we need to be strong and balance life ….. and in India we have a famous saying kuch to log kahenge , logo ka kaam hai kehna…so all my girlfriends around buckle up and move your butts and stay strong.

Below are the four important reasons for a female to be financially independent and should not be neglected:

  1. To Be A Role-Model: Women have a come a long way, from entering the areas like sports, governance to winning the race of Miss. World and Miss. Universe. These things clearly indicate that there is nothing that can stop a woman from growing and excelling. Along with such things, a woman needs to be financially independent, especially when there is only a single person in the family who earns.
    By making the correct financial decisions, a woman can easily face the unwanted situations. Let us take an example of the woman’s power, we all know about the saving skills of the women, they save a lot, but the important fact here is that these savings need correct management.
    A lot of time it happens when a woman gets forced to encounter hard situations, the one and only way to make such situations easy is to do the planning in advance. By investing in the right investment instruments, you can bring discipline and get the ability to survive in difficult conditions without any problem.

  2. For Facing Emergencies: We all know that there are several situations where one becomes unable to deal with the finances, and for this, it is essential to prepare beforehand. There is a greater risk for those families in which there is only one person who is the bread earner.
    Emergencies such as severe health problems can affect a family very badly, and this is why having a good health insurance which can help you in facing such situations holds an important place. The health insurance plan will reduce your burden and you won’t have to spend all your money on the treatment.

  3. To Meet The Inflation: The cost of living is increasing day by day, in the last two decades, it was noticed that the inflation was non-stop mounting and the prediction is that the situation will remain same and won’t be any good for us.
    Keeping money aside won’t give any results, the best option is to invest the money so that it can grow and give you a good return on investment, so as you can beat inflation as well.
    A woman who wants to get prepared for future by getting financially secured can opt for different types of mutual funds, and ETFs and several other investment schemes providing high rate of returns.

  4. To Not Feel Dependent On Someone: The worst and bitter truth of our Indian society is that most of the financially independent students remain subjected to domestic violence and abuse. Hence, this is the right time for a woman to make more and more investment to become financially secured so that she can stand with confidence in front of society.

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