Winters with Investment & insurance

According to experts, whatever the time of year it is, making an investment always bring the opportunity of earning great profits with your savings. But, for this winter, we are going to give you some unique ideas and tips so that you can have a great winter season (better than those who don’t invest).

The stereotypical investor is a financier in an expensive suit who checks the stock quotes every 15 minutes. There are those too. But most real investors are ordinary people like you and us: they go to work, raise children, and are interested in more than just finance.

For them, investment is just another source of income and a way to ensure a comfortable old age in retirement.

You should not expect that here in a couple of years you can get billions and then mess around all your life. Set a realistic goal- say, to earn money for your old age or your children for a good education.

For example, an important part of the income of most of the wealthy investors like, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Azim Premji, and Ratan, comes from their investments.

In its simplest form, investment is defined as the permanent use of money or capital in order to generate income or profit in the future. Therefore, “What is an investment? The answer to the question covers the savings made today in order to earn more in the future. However, the fact that the resource used for investment does not deplete and even appreciates after the investment is made, distinguishes investment from consumption expenditures.

Investing in this respect helps to grow existing wealth by using the money on hand. The growth of current wealth also demonstrates the importance of investment. So why is it important to invest? Protecting the value of your money and being able to have a better purchasing power in the future than the current situation are among the top answers to this question.

When investing, “Why is my money losing value or how is it retaining its value?” you might think. The preservation or loss of the value of money is closely related to the phenomenon of inflation, which is simply defined as a continuous increase in the general price level. Because high inflation reduces the purchasing power of money and causes it to lose its value.

For example, if you have the same amount of money in an economy where inflation is 30%, it can be said that the value of this amount of money decreases by 30%. The fact that you get at least 30% return by investing in the same economic environment shows that you protect the value of your money. Therefore, maintaining the value of your money depends on whether you get a return at least as much as the inflation rate as a result of your investment.

Investments can be made at almost any age: there are even investors who are not yet 14 years old, and there are also retirees. Huge sums are not necessary here –you can even start with only Rs. 100, all thanks to SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans), the best way to invest in mutual funds online India.

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