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What is an equity account ?

Just like we mentioned it already, to execute the purchase or sale (trading), having an equity trading is a must. With the help of this account, you can buy and sell the shares of any company and also store them in your demat account.
The process of opening an equity account includes signing up for a trading and demat account. These two accounts will then be connected/linked to the savings account of your bank (only if you allow) so that you can transfer your funds easily. By taking help of brokerage firms like RKFS, one of the best integrated platform, you can open an equity account digitally.

How opening up an equity trading account is beneficial?

As you now know that what an equity account is, we will tell you about the advantages that it can offer you. There is no doubt that everyone should pick the best among the available options, and this is why, we present you an established brokerage house, RKFS, that gives transparent information about the prices of the shares and its operations. They constantly update their website to make it easy to use and interactive for its user. Their website can also provide you with the required advice backed by expert market analysts’ guidance. This brokerage house also offer affordable rates for opening of an equity account and low brokerage charges for conducting transactions.

How to Open Equity Account

Brokerage houses often give you the comfort of completing the documentation process at your home. In this case, a representative will bring along the Account Opening and Know Your Client (KYC) forms.


The first step is to fill out the opening forms for demat and trading accounts


Photo ID proof:
Aadhaar card



Financial Proof: Current copy of ITR acknowledgement, Current copy of annual accounts, Current copy of Form 16 (in case you earn salary income), Current 1-month salary slip



Once you’re verified, you’ll receive your demat and trading account details

RKFS Advantage

The expert team of RKFS provides the best customer support and services in the field of insurance. The company has a vast experience of more than 30 years, which in turn, helps it to offer skillful assistance to the customers. The professionals at RKFS serve their clients with the aim of providing need oriented services along with transparent and reliable guidance.

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