Estate planning and will advisory services

The estate represents everything you own and all you owe at the time of your death. When we talk about estate planning, it brings up images of wealthy philanthropists who spend their retirement on a tropical island enjoying feely, while managing a plethora of family trusts and private foundations!

Estate planning is important to everyone, not just the wealthy. If you have a few assets, you need to do estate planning to get those assets to the people you care about.

Your will is the cornerstone of the estate plan. It allows you to name the people who will be responsible for accomplishing your wishes and to specify how your assets are to be distributed.

The will is only one step in the estate planning process, but it is an important step. One of the most important aspects of estate planning is making sure your documents are valid and up to date, including your will and your power of attorney or protection mandate.

If you die without a will, your property will be distributed according to the rules on non-testamentary inheritance in your province of residence, which may not necessarily be what you had in mind.

The courts may, for example, decide to exclude your designated beneficiaries or the charities you have chosen and include non-designated beneficiaries.

Estate planning is not necessarily an easy topic to tackle and although the process can be complex, you will gain a lot of peace of mind when you are confident that your estate will be settled according to your wishes by doing suffer as little stress as possible from your loved ones.

We, at RKFS, invite you to contact our expert advisors to initiate the process and to consult our FAQ to learn a little more about estate planning issues.

We will recommend solutions that will maximize the value of your estate and we will help you ensure that your heirs receive all the legacies you intended for them. We can help you understand how the decisions you make today can affect the value of your estate.

Our services can help you better understand the issues and possibilities that should be taken into account when preparing a will to ensure that your wishes are respected. We can guide you through the estate planning process, put you in touch with the right specialists when you need them, and keep you and your family members comfortable.

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