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Are you financially independent??

Year 2022 marks the diamond(75th) year of Indian Independence , While in last 75 years India has proven its power and ability as a global super power.

Let’s celebrate and prepare to create every Indian as a super Multi millionaire on Centennial Year of Indian Independence (2047)

Are you financially independent

Sensex - कहाँ से कहाँ तक

BSE, the first ever stock exchange in Asia established in 1875 and the first in the country to be granted permanent recognition under the Securities Contract Regulation Act, 1956, has had an interesting journey to prominence over the past 147 years.

From hitting the 1,000-mark on July 25, 1990 to reaching the 60,000-mark for the first time on September 24th , 2021 it has been a historic and memorable journey for the benchmark SENSEX.

It has taken a little more then 31 years for the SENSEX to grow from 1,000 level to the 60,000 level .

Sensex - कहाँ से कहाँ तक

Over the years, the index has marked several record levels. The index reached 10,000-mark for the first time on February 6, 2006

On October 29, 2007 it reached the 20,000 level, then on March 4, 2015, the index hit the 30,000-mark.

The BSE SENSEX scaled 40,000 on May 23, 2019. The 50,000-mark was reached on January 21, 2021.

Positively both the 50,000 level and 60,000 mark have been breached in 2021 in the mid of the PANDEMIC, Showing the trust of the investors and the growth towards the never ending journey.

Mutual Fund

What are Mutual Funds?

A mutual fund is a pool of investment that collects investors’ money and invest across different asset classes. The money collected is managed by Mutual Fund companies, also known as Asset Management Companies (AMC).

What are Mutual Funds

How do mutual funds works?


There are two methods by which
you can invest in Mutual funds:

invest in Mutual funds


Lump sum refers to investing a bulk amount at one go. When individuals opt for this method of investing, a considerable sum is tied with a one-time mutual fund investment, thereby known as a lump sum investment in mutual fund.

In fact, lump sum investment is a popular way of investing in a mutual fund. Generally, a lump sum investment is well suited for investors with a substantial disposable sum in hand. Moreover, investors with a will to lock in a substantial amount of money into their investment opt for this manner of investing

What is SIP?

‘The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.’ Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) work on the same philosophy. An SIP is a simple, convenient and disciplined way to meet your financial goals. It is designed to help investors to save regularly & accumulate wealth in a disciplined manner over a long period.

What’s your Goal?

SIP Calculation if we invest in 2022 to 2032, 2042, 2047

SIP installment amount (Per Month) Number of Years Total invested amount Total Value at the end (Approx)
5,000 10 6,00,000 18,81,288
5,000 20 12,00,000 1,17,17,436
5,000 25 15,00,000 2,91,16,561

CAGR 18%*

By investing through SIP you can easily

By investing through SIP you can easily achieve your goal and fulfill your dreams without burdening your finances


    For Successful Investing For Successful Investing:

  • Start Early.
  • Invest Regularly.
  • Increase Your SIP every year by minimum 10%
  • Monitor your investment, but don’t over monitor.
  • Don’t Panic in correction because you will be allotted more units.
  • it’s like buying in Sale – Buy 2 get 1 free
  • Always Invest in growth option.
  • Stay loyal to your fund.
  • Don’t Miss your SIP.
  • Don’t Redeem if not required.


Mutual fund investment are subject to market risk , please read all offer documents properly. Above calculation is as per CAGR 18% and does not guarantee any return. Above calculation is for reference purpose only , actual results may vary. This is for education purpose only and not a recommendation for investment.

*T&C apply

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