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A derivative is a contract between two parties which derives it's worth/cost from an underlying asset. The most well-known products are futures, options, forwards and swaps. The portrayal is a financial instrument that determines it's worth/cost from the underlying assets.

  • Financial freedom for future with wealth creation.
  • Protection against inflation.
  • Easy liquidity.
  • Trade across exchanges.
  • Dividends and capital appreciation.
  • Track your investments.

Why choose RKFS for Derivatives Trading:

  • Leverage.
  • Personalized advice.
  • Research based advice.
  • Portfolio restructuring.
A derivative is a security
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Do I need to provide financial proof to open a derivative account?

Yes. To open any derivative segment account, you must provide financial proof.

What is derivative trading?

The process of selling and buying derivative products is called derivative trading. Derivatives can be used to speculate about the future price movements of assets such as stocks or commodities without purchasing the asset. You can trade in two main derivatives on the stock market: options and futures.

Where can I trade financial derivatives?

Financial derivatives such as futures or options can be traded on stock exchanges like Bombay Stock Exchange or National Stock Exchange. You can also trade derivatives on commodity markets like the Multi Commodity Exchange and National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange.

Intraday trading: What are the timings?

Intraday trading is when you sell and buy shares of the same company in the same trading session. Intraday trading begins at 9.15AM and closes at 3.30PM. However, intraday trading can begin at 9.15AM and close at 3.30PM depending on the stockbroker.
Futures and options trading involves the purchase and sale of futures and options contracts. Future derivatives and options trading are extremely risky and should only be done by experienced traders.

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