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Equity Investment is more attractive than simply saving money in your bank accounts. By investing in equity and financial derivatives markets, you can beat inflationary pressure. You get a higher rate return and a greater value for your principal investment. Capital Gains and periodic income are the main revenue streams from equity investments.

  • Protect your wealth and increase it over time.
  • Trade across exchanges.
  • Capital appreciation and dividends.
  • Track equity investments in real time.

Why choose RKFS to Manage Equity Investments

  • Leverage Products.
  • Advice on personalizing equity trading.
  • Research backed equity investments plans.
  • Profile-based equity trading platform.
  • All devices covered by secured equity trading.
  • Portfolio Restructuring.
  • Online trading with Tradium app.
Why choose RKFS to Manage Equity Investments
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What is trading on equity? Which types of equities are there?

The equity market is basically a place where investor can buy and sell equity shares of the listed companies. The equity market is sometimes referred to simply as the stock market or the share market.

What are the advantages of investing in India's equity market?

There are many benefits to investing in India's equity market. Few of them are as follows:

  • High returns on equity investments are possible.
  • Passive income is possible through dividends.
  • Stock investing is transparent.
  • Equity market investing is flexible.
How do I get started trading on the equity market?

You must first open a demat account /trading account at a SEBI registered stockbroker to start trading in the equity markets. After you have opened your accounts, login to the trading portal or trading app TRADIUM by RKFS with the credentials given to you. Next, choose the stock you want to invest in and then place a buy-order to purchase the shares you want. However, you should ensure that your equity research is done before you trade. You can then make informed decisions.

Intraday trading: What are the timings?

Intraday trading is when you sell and buy shares of the same company in the same trading session. Intraday trading begins at 9.15AM and closes at 3.30PM.

What is the trading time in the equity market?

Trading time in the Indian Stock market is from 9:15 am to 3:30 pm on a weekday

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