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SGBs are government securities denominated in grams of gold. They are substitutes for holding physical gold and are issued by the RBI time to time.

  • No GST when purchase.
  • No Making Charges.
  • Assured Returns of 2.5% P.A.
  • No Worry for Storage.
  • Liquidity - Tradable on stock exchanges.
  • Can use as collaterals for loans.
  • No Capital Gain Tax on Redemption.
  • Minimum 1 gram investments.

Why choose RKFS for SGB investment:

  • updates on upcoming SGB tranche.
  • Can place order on the website to invest in SGB. Invest Now
  • Investment in demat form.
  • All investment in one account.
SGB investment
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Latest Blogs on SGB

What would be the Opening date of the next SGB series?


What will be the closing date for the next SGB series?


What will be the issue price?


How many kg is the maximum for order quantity?

4 kg is the maximum quantity in one financial year.

What is the upcoming SGB issued date?


What would be the interest rate? if we decide to go with gold bonds.

The rate of interest is fixed at 2.5%

When will the interest amount be credited to the Account?

The Amount is credited, every 6 months in the registered back Account.

Do I get a discount for submitting an online application

All the investors who apply for SGB, through an online platform receive a discount of Rs 50 per gram, as per RBI rules.

How do I receive the holding certificate?

The certificate of holding will be directly sent to your email, associated with your account.

What about the Taxes?

You want to keep in mind that, on maturity, Capital gains are not taxable. But if you choose to go with premature redemption Capital will becomes taxable.

Is there any risk?

If the Gold prices decline in the market, the Capital will decline. However, there will be no loss in the quantity of gold bought.

What will be the issued date for the Holding certificate?

On SGB's date of insurance, a holding certificate will be issued for you.

What amount can I expect on the maturity of the bond?

The Amount you receive, on maturity, will be equal to the market value of the gold.

How do I receive my interest or redemption amount?

Both redemption and interest amounts will be credited to your registered bank account.

How long is the maturity period for the SGB?

From the date of issue, the maturity period is 8 years.

Is early redemption is allowed?

Yes, early redemption is allowed

What can do if I want to sell my SGB investment during the 5 years lock-in period?

For selling the SGB investment during the lock-in period, you need to list your investment on the exchanges.

Is it possible to use SGBs as collateral for taking Loans?

Yes, it is possible to use your SGB investment as collateral for loans.

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