Investment in bonds

Bonds are loans issued by governments or by companies. When you buy a bond from a government or a business, you lend it money. In exchange, you receive an IOU and the issuer pays you interest. Unlike shares, you do not become co-owner of the issuing body.

Invest in bonds and seen as a relatively safe investment. In fact, bonds carry very little risk and the investor knows what to expect. A bond always has a specific maturity date. On that date, the bond issuer reimburses your money.

Bonds are considered to be relatively safe investments. Investing in bonds means knowing exactly what you're going to pocket. Besides direct return, you can also get a return if the price of a bond goes up.

We all sometimes need security and predictability, for various reasons. Bonds are particularly suitable for retirees, for example, thanks to the fixed income they generate.

With bonds, we know everything in advance. The sooner the investor invests in bonds, the safer it is to compensate for any losses on his shares and secure a good retirement.

Bonds are an investment to keep for a long time. They guarantee a stable income stream when stocks fall, and offer a good savings solution for those who are reluctant to risk-taking too many risks.

However, bonds are not traded like most stocks, i.e. on an investor-friendly stock exchange. Getting the current price of bonds requires a little more research, which may require you to go to a broker. There are several ways to invest in bonds.

You can indeed invest directly in bonds but the best is to consult an experienced professional. We, at RKFS, offer you a wide choice of bonds.

Our experts build robust bond portfolios by relying on their expertise in the field and actively create dynamic and diversified bond portfolios in terms of asset types and strategies for our clients.

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