Investment in gold

This global financial crisis has made it clear that money is such a volatile commodity that it can be devalued at once. However, there is an alternative, as old as it is profitable, gold. This precious metal is in each of the difficult moments of the economy the universal refuge of investors.

Investing in gold is profitable and can produce capital appreciation (i.e. the price goes up), and those profits can be reaped and used in a balanced and diversified portfolio to produce profits.

The name paper gold includes a number of investment instruments that are referenced to gold but do not confer ownership of the metal to the investor.

This type of investment is carried out through different formulas (ETFs, certificates, options, futures), under which the issuing entities assign a certain amount of gold to each of the contracts. Even more broadly, it can refer to shares of mining companies that mine gold.

Gold listed funds or Exchange Trade Funds replicate the evolution of the precious metal, making it a way to get closer to this asset, without having to physically have it.

Buying physical gold and silver is not the only option, although it is the easiest. The other option is to use financial products, such as ETFs, investment funds, and certificates. For this, you don't need to have deep knowledge or spend months looking for someone to sell you gold.

This is a much more practical option since if you buy an investment fund that invests in gold you will not even have to leave your home.

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