The financial markets often witness companies floating equity public offerings to raise funds for their needs. Many of these companies bear good prospects in terms of future returns which reflect in their stock prices. We as IPO Financer in Delhi facilitate our clients’ application for equity shares offered in the IPO by advancing a loan at competitive terms against an upfront cash or stock margin. The documentation is minimal for existing clients and funding is handled in a time bound manner, so as to ensure speedy and timely processing. Our IPO financing offering allows clients to participate in the opportunity even with limited personal funds. The client pays only the upfront market linked margin and the remaining amount is funded by the IPO Funding Company. This grants an additional leverage to the client as it allows applying for a far higher no. of shares. Once the shares are allotted and listed the client may choose to hold them for long term appreciation or sell them for listing gains, if any. We would also like to enlist the major advantages of IPO loans.

  • Investor can apply for more shares, thus increasing chances of a large allotment, especially useful in the HNI category where allotment is on proportionate basis
  • Offers good opportunity to make huge rate of return
  • Cash or securities can be used as margin.
  • Funding cost came down significantly in recent time because of quick IPO listings and reduced interest rates.
  • Simple Documentation and streamlined speedy processing of loans.
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