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In recent decades, capital markets have undergone significant changes. Financial management has changed accordingly.

In the early 1960s, the term “asset allocation” did not yet exist. The traditional approach to diversification was to “not put all the eggs in one basket”. The idea was this: investing all the money in one type of asset gives too much a range of possible consequences - you can win a lot, but you can lose a lot.

Investing in various assets increases the likelihood that you will not win and you will not lose at all at the same time. Thus, the advantage of diversification consists in fewer options for possible consequences.

Learn the basics of asset allocation and you can become a successful investor. Any expert will tell you that developing an asset allocation strategy is the most important step towards a successful investment.

Asset allocation is your decision on how you divide your investment portfolio into different asset classes, such as stocks, bonds and cash, to maximize the chances of achieving your financial goals with the least risk.

Planning of asset allocation involves several stages:
  • Determining which asset classes should be represented in the portfolio.
  • Definition of long-term targets by shares of various asset classes in the portfolio.
  • Determining the boundaries of changes in shares of assets in order to obtain the best result.
  • The choice of securities in each of the classes.
There are three factors that determine asset allocation:
  • Goals
  • Risk tolerance
  • Current financial situation

The goal is to determine the distribution of assets that gives you the best chance of success. Only you can determine the right balance between risk and reward.

We live in a world where money plays an important role. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to properly manage your finances. We provide advice and various services on investment and personal finance management and help people plan their financial future correctly, develop financial plans and strategies, and select tools for investment and financial protection.

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