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Mutual Funds Investments

A mutual fund is an investment product where funds from numerous investors are invested and actively managed by an expert fund manager. The fund manager can put this pooled amount to invest in stocks, bonds, gold, or any blend of these.

  • Contribute through Lumpsum and SIP
  • Low exchange cost
  • Enhancement of portfolio
  • Liquidity and Tax reductions
  • Increased chance of effective money management

Why choose RKFS for Mutual Funds

  • Empaneled with major AMCs.
  • Risk analysis.
  • NFO investment.
  • Corporate ARN.
  • SEBI registered broker.
Why choose RKFS to Mutual Funds
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What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is a scheme that pools money from many buyers, which is similarly invested by using a professional fund supervisor. The fund supervisor can invest this pooled money to buy securities like stocks, bonds, gold, or any mixture. Every mutual fund works around sure funding objectives and tries to achieve identical. The fund manager plans the investment and allocates the asset among stocks and bonds. Combining all those securities form the portfolio composition of the chosen scheme.

How to invest in mutual funds with RKFS?

There are two ways of investing in mutual funds: a systematic investing plan (sip) or a one-time lump sum method. The primary difference between the 2 is: in a lump sum; you have to invest the whole amount in one go and sip, and you can put money into a mutual fund at fixed durations along with month-to-month sip.

What's sip in mutual finances?

Sip or systematic planning investment is a facility you may experience in mutual funds. This facility is obtainable to investors to invest in a disciplined way. Sip enables investors to invest a fixed amount of money at a pre-registered date.

How do mutual finances work?

In a mutual fund investment, a positive amount of cash is pooled from distinctive investors with similar investment objectives. Then the money is invested in numerous belongings like equities and bonds primarily based on the scheme's objectives. An AMC (asset management company) makes these investments on behalf of the investors.

Is mutual fund investment secure?

A mutual fund is considered a secure investment as it diversifies investors' portfolios with minimum dangers.

How to invest in direct mutual funds?

One can invest in direct mutual funds by visiting the mutual funds' website, online stock exchange platforms or other digital channels. RKFS provides the facility to invest in the regular fund.

How to select a quality mutual fund?

First, make clean financial goals. Now, check how much risk you are inclined to take. Then do an asset allocation. Tell your consultant/advisor all the details and select the funds at the investment time, considering the time period you are investing the fund.

How to calculate MF return?

You can easily calculate the return of your mutual funds using the MF calculator.

What are the types of mutual funds?

Mutual funds are of numerous sorts. However, it's broadly classified on the asset class and funding goals & based totally on the structure. The various kinds of mutual funds are equity funds, debt funds, blue chip funds, hybrid funds, sectoral and more.

Is mutual fund taxable?

YES, mutual funds are taxable at the time of redemption

Can we withdraw mutual funds anytime?

Like all securities, you can redeem mutual funds at any time if there is no lock-in period.

What if I withdraw my mutual funds after one year?

If you decide to withdraw within a year of creating your investments, your profit will be taxed at a flat tax fee of 15% plus a cess surcharge.

What's the best time to withdraw mutual funds?

The satisfactory time to redeem is when your goal is achieved.

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