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What is the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme?

Under the Sovereign Gold Bond scheme, RBI issues gold-denominated bonds on behalf of the Government of India. The tenure of Gold Bonds is eight years, with an exit option after five years. The minimum investment under the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2022-23 is 1 gram & maximum investment is 4 Kg per PAN. SGBs are a perfect alternative to physical Gold.

Earn 2.5% guaranteed Interest On the Investment Value

Your investment under the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme will get you 2.5% interest per annum, on top of value appreciation. So please do not wait; connect with our investment experts & avail guaranteed interest, along with the safety of Gold.

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Protect & grow your wealth with the most reliable investment

For ages, Gold has been considered the most reliable investment option. Today, with the rising risk potential in the current market, it's vital for investors to diversify their investments for Capital Protection & Growth. The Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme offers that benefit to investors!
Why Invest in Gold via Sovereign Gold Bonds schemes (SGBs)?

Sovereign Gold Bond scheme Sovereign Gold Bond scheme

Sovereign Gold Bonds

Investment in GOLD is always correct -MD (RKFS)

SGB Series Application dates Issue date SGB Price Status
SGB 2023-24
Series IV
12th Feb to
16th Feb2024
21st Feb 2024 6,263 per gm Closed
SGB 2023-24
Series III
18th Dec to
22nd Dec 2023
28th Dec 2023 6,199/- Per gm Closed
SGB 2022-23
Series III
19th Dec to
23th Dec 2022
27th Dec 2022 5,359/- Per gm Closed
SGB 2022-23
Series II
22th Aug to
26th Aug 2022
30th Aug 2022 5,147/- Per gm Closed
SGB 2022-23
Series I
20th June to
24th June 2022
28th June 5,041/- Per gm Closed
SGB 2021-22
Series X
28th Feb to
4th March 2022
8th March 5,109/- Per gm Closed
SGB 2021-22
Series IX
10th Jan to
14th Jan 2022
18th January 4736/- Per gm. Closed
SGB 2021-22
Series VIII
29th Nov to
3rd Dec 2021
7th December 4741/- Per gm. Closed

Benefits of Sovereign gold bonds (SGBs):

No GST when purchase
No GST when purchase
No Making Charges
No Making Charges
Assured Returns of 2.5% P.A
Assured Returns of 2.5% P.A.
No Worry for Storage
No Worry for Storage
Liquidity - Tradable on stock exchanges
Liquidity - Tradable on stock exchanges
Can use as collaterals for loans
Can use as collaterals for loans
No Capital Gain Tax on Redemption
No Capital Gain Tax on Redemption
Minimum 1 gram investment
Minimum 1 gram

Why Invest in Gold via Sovereign Gold Bonds schemes (SGBs)?

Peace of Mind
The RBI of India issues sovereign gold bonds on behalf of the Government of India under the RBI sovereign gold bond scheme. Each unit of SGB is backed by 1 gram of Gold. Its value changes with the change in the value of the physical Gold. So, you can have complete peace of mind about the safety of your investment.

Hassle-free storage
With physical Gold, the biggest issue is the safe storage environment. Secure storage for physical Gold will cost you more than SGB as SGB are in your demat account, which can be opened with RKFS for a minimum charge for a lifetime. All your investments are safe in digital form. So, you save big on storage expenses.

Guaranteed Returns
With the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme, you get a guaranteed 2.5% return on your investment. That is an added benefit over the appreciation of the gold value. You only get such a benefit if you invest in physical Gold. So, if you are keeping your spare money in a Savings Account, it is better to invest it in the SGBs for better returns.

Tax-free Capital Returns
If you hold the bonds under Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme till maturity, i.e., for eight years, your gains will be exempted from Capital Gain Tax. It is a significant benefit over physical Gold as the Capital Gain on the selling of Physical Gold is taxable.

Option to exit after five years
The maturity of bonds under the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme is set at eight years. But, if you need money & want to exit your investment anytime, as they are tradeable on the stock exchange, you can do so after five years. Such an early exit option is helpful for investors looking for a medium-term investment option.

Sovereign gold bond price today
When you plan to buy a sovereign gold bond, the price of every tranche is different as it fluctuates per the price of Gold in the international market and is disclosed online a day before the tranche is open for subscription.

Invest with the Professionals

RKFS is India's leading financial advisor that helps investors protect & grow their wealth using multiple investment options. At RKFS, we focus on top-rated investment consultation & asset management for our clients, helping them generate optimum returns.

Why choose RKFS for your investment Journey?

Transparency & Integrity
Transparency & Integrity are the driving forces behind RKFS. We place the utmost importance on the investments of our clients & do everything to ensure optimum wealth creation.

Extensive Experience
We have extensive experience in managing wealth for investors from every category. Whether HNIs or small retail investors, we serve them all with the same dedication.

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Top-notch services
Whether investment consultation or asset management, you will get top-notch services at RKFS. We have carved a niche by offering unparalleled services to our valued clients.

Why choose RKFS for your investment Journey?

RKFS answers all your financial needs as we are member brokers of BSE and BSE STAR MF and are the solution for sovereign gold bond BSE.
So, what are you waiting for: open your Demat account today with the best Demat account broker RKFS and start with your investing Journey to create a future for yourselves and your family with financial freedom with sovereign gold bond investment.
Buy sovereign gold bonds online with the latest price and secure your future with the sparkle of RBI sovereign gold bonds in your online Demat account. So, let's stay focused and active and keep track of upcoming sovereign gold bond 2023 and invest for a sparkling future.


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What would be the Opening date of the next SGB series?


What will be the closing date for the next SGB series?


What will be the issue price?


How many kg is the maximum for order quantity?

4 kg is the maximum quantity in one financial year.

What is the upcoming SGB issued date?


What would be the interest rate? if we decide to go with gold bonds.

The rate of interest is fixed at 2.5%

When will the interest amount be credited to the Account?

The interest amount is credited on half yearly basis in the registered bank account.

Do I get a discount for submitting an online application

All the investors who apply for SGB, through an online platform receive a discount of Rs 50 per gram, as per RBI rules.

How do I receive the holding certificate?

The certificate of holding will be directly sent to your email, associated with your account.

What about the Taxes?

You want to keep in mind that, on maturity, Capital gains are not taxable. But if you choose to go with premature redemption Capital will becomes taxable.

is there any risk?

If the Gold prices decline in the market, the Capital will decline. However, there will be no loss in the quantity of gold bought.

What will be the issued date for the Holding certificate?

On SGB's date of insurance, a holding certificate will be issued for you.

What amount can I expect on the maturity of the bond?

The Amount you receive, on maturity, will be equal to the market value of the gold.

How do I receive my interest or redemption amount?

Both redemption and interest amounts will be credited to your registered bank account.

How long is the maturity period for the SGB?

From the date of issue, the maturity period is 8 years.

Is early redemption is allowed?

Yes, early redemption is allowed

What can do if I want to sell my SGB investment during the 5 years lock-in period?

For selling the SGB investment during the lock-in period, you need to list your investment on the exchanges.

Is it possible to use SGBs as collateral for taking Loans?

Yes, it is possible to use your SGB investment as collateral for loans.

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