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People often hope that nothing bad will happen to them and it’s natural for a person to believe in the best. But along with hope, it’s worthwhile to get a guarantee that in case of problems someone will come to our aid. And here you will need an insurance company.

With motor insurance, reimburse the cost of treating injuries resulting from an accident, including through the fault of the driver. The insurance will be valid for everyone who is with you in the car.

We, at RKFS, have the main objective of maintaining the financial stability of our customers by providing them with the right insurance tools. We analyze the options received and compare the conditions and provide assistance in selecting the optimal offer individually for each client.

With our services, we protect the interests of the client, both to insurance companies and to third parties and provide our customers with the necessary insurance coverage with the best price/quality ratio.

Regular monitoring of the insurance market enables our experts to offer optimal insurance conditions, favorable rates, and reliable risk placement. Our professionals know exactly what kind of insurance coverage you need.

We provide a wide range of insurance protection programs that are maximally focused on the interests of customers. We are distinguished by our high level of service, strong customer trust, and continuous improvement.

With the help of our experts, the client receives a personal insurance consultant who takes care of the comprehensive solution of all issues related to the client’s insurance coverage. The client receives payment in all reasonable cases.

We offer a variety of property, health, and liability insurance programs to provide effective protection against the risks that surround us in modern life. The client receives not only high-quality, but also quick service both when purchasing our services, and when settling.

Based on the classic types of insurance, we, at RKFS, provide a wide range of insurance services, as well as comprehensive insurance programs for legal entities and individuals.

The list of services of our insurance company includes programs that allow you to insure the risks associated with the use of a personal car.

We provide owners and landlords of different types of apartments, and houses to protect their property from damage, loss, and other risks.

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