Owning your own home is a truly wonderful feeling. But have you taken all possible measures to protect it? Just locking up your home, doesn’t guarantee its safety. There are several other factors which are beyond your control. Taking up a home protection plan insurance, home insurance policy is a crucial step towards securing your home. Most of us, don’t realize the importance of taking up a home insurance policy until it’s too late. If you are new to the concept of home insurance, here’s a beginner’s guide to home insurance.

They cover natural/man-made disasters. Natural disasters such as floods, cyclones and earthquakes, often cause extensive damage to life and property. A home insurance policy will provide compensation for the loss/damage caused to your home due to such causes. Besides natural disasters, a home insurance policy also provides compensation for damages caused due to manmade hazards such as fire, theft, vandalism etc. In case your home is deemed inhabitable due to severe damage, a home insurance policy will provide compensation for your temporary living expenses until your home is repaired or rebuilt. A home insurance policy also protects you against any liability arising out of accidental damage caused by you to a third party member within the confines of your property.

As home protection insurance rates start getting better and more feasible, we believe the time is right to get your act together and consult the home protection plan companies to get a comprehensive insurance plan which works out best for you.

Our organization is tied up with top insurance companies in India who cater to every client needs by providing tailor made plans for you and your family member.

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