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"Helping to create a future with financial freedom."
35+ years of trust.

Who we are

Established in 1984, We, RKFS, offer the best financial services to put the client first. We are an independent company in the financial consultancy sector, which aims to provide consultancy and the best guidance to every client to invest in creating a future with financial freedom for the client and their family and provide customized client services as per the requirement.

Invest in creating wealth and protecting your future.

In today's world, creating wealth for us and the future generation is essential. We at R K Financial Services Group (RKFS Group) truly believe in creating wealth for the present and future. Our target is to provide the best professional solution with a personal touch to each client.

With over 3.5 decades of experience in the financial sector, we are a one-stop shop for all your financial & investment management solutions delivered with the most personalized & professional attitude and transparent & ethical business practices.

Pillars Of Strength

Dr R.K. Gupta is the founder of RKFS Group and a financial expert with more than 40 years of experience in securities and financial services. He holds a doctorate in commerce (with a gold medal), and his expertise is in financial services and the working of the capital market. His keen insight, exceptional abilities, and unwavering dedication inspired him to offer clients a specialized level of service by offering to consult and manage investments for individual and HNI clients.

Mr. Gupta the man behind the company, is a dynamic leader who has given a new perspective to the Indian financial industry. Under his leadership and guidance, R K Financial Services has reached numerous business milestones. He has created a strong foundation for the company as an active businessman.

Mr. Gupta is also a strong believer in community development, which has led him to make noteworthy contributions to social causes. He is an active member of HINDU VISHV PARISHAD, VARSHNEY SABHA, Giant's group and many more. He is a former member of the rotary club and a pioneer in social work around the globe.

Pillars Of Strength

Another pillar of strength is the young and dynamic Mr. Navdeep Varshney, the Executive Director of RK Group. He is a law graduate and a Master of Commerce with over 17 years of experience in the securities, commodities, and currency markets. He oversees the RK Group's broking and clearing division and its financial products. He is efficiently directing and administering all the financial and business planning of the company, including analysis and forecasting, setting up the framework for internal control, and managing the business system. His expertise is in business development, risk management, and technological upgrading of the organization. He played a vital role in developing RK Group's state-of-the-art New World.

Mr. Varshney is an extremely creative person who enjoys taking on new challenges. A business leader who is dynamic and results-oriented and has a track record of building successful projects.

Mrs. Preeti Mittal (Vice President-RKFS) As rightly said, Women's presence on management teams is generally associated with a stronger social commitment. A more participatory leadership style which is also true at RKFS with Mrs. Preeti Mittal as a new addition to the management team in 2020, who is also a proud daughter of Mr. R K Gupta and a post-graduate with a diploma in financial management, has beautifully added the essence of tradition with ethics in the day to day working of the organization to fulfil the commitment towards the clients and society. The benefit of women's leadership is the increase of the system to promote the work-family balance, which plays an important part in the development of the country and for the improvement of family life, which was very well inculcated in the team of RKFS, and Mrs. Preeti has added more to this quality with her strong ethics and traditional values.
Mrs. Preeti Mittal possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills and plays a key and active role in strategic planning & brand building of the organization. She is a self-motivated woman having a professional approach emphasizing on the core values of the organization. She innovates, develops, and effectively implements new ideas for the growth and progress of the Digital Marketing, financial management and quality management functions of the company.

Our Strength

Our research team offers financial information, analysis and investment guidance, news & views and is designed to meet the requirements of everyone from a learner to a tech-savvy and well-informed investor. It is involved in the fundamental, technical, company, sector and economy-specific research amalgamated with a strong and well-networked. Our Sound Research-Based Advice, Complete Investment Solutions and Hassle-free Trading & Operational platform is the key to success. The company has grown from strength to strength, having a chain of multiple offices across the nation.

Our Strength

Our Values

Innovation and pursuit of excellence in Research, Advisory and Investments. Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Openness and Transparency in our conduct and transactions. We recognize, respect and value the diversity within the organization and our customers. Earned the Trust, Faith, and Belief of more than 20,000 Investors. We value and support our team and clients. Our team plays a key role in shaping and improving the service delivered by RKFS. Our team understands 'what' they need to deliver and the 'standards clients expect of them. We have accountability for performance at all levels of the organization. We Respect All individuals, work responsibly, have a positive attitude, Respond Rapidly and most importantly, Enjoy Working to make the life of every client of ours financially free for the future.

Our services

With our clients, we share the goal of creating and preserving heritage by helping them with our high-quality financial services. It includes:

  • Managing the investment.
  • Portfolio analysis/Monitoring/Risk Management.
  • Consultancy on financial problems.
  • Portfolio restructuring.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide our clients with solutions aligned with their needs regarding expected returns, risk tolerance, time horizon and fiscal and legal restrictions.

Through a rigorous investment process, we decide on a portfolio allocation that respects certain variables, such as the liquidity of individual investments and diversification in terms of geographical, sectoral, and monetary diversification.

our goal

Thanks to stable and robust performance in the markets, and long-term relationships with clients during both bearish and bullish markets, we are proud to be a trusted financial services provider for our clients.

We offer a wide range of investment strategies and deal with classical asset management and consultancy in global financial markets, offering a 360 ° personalized service.

By analyzing our client's risk profiles and defining an investment strategy, we can help them manage and monitor their portfolio with a wide range of asset classes that allow them to diversify them.

We offer accurate and highly personalized advice based on the clear and transparent presentation of financial products supported by periodic comments and technical reports, which are essential to understanding and predicting the behavior of the financial markets.

Our client-oriented financial services approach is holistic and is based on lasting, productive, and trust-based relationships. We care about traditions and are proud of our history, but we do not fear the modern world and use the latest innovations to provide cutting-edge services.

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